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Safe May 13th

Written By LAILANATASHA on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 9:18 AM

On this historic date, I would like to wish 'safe' to all Malaysians. We are safe and secure over the peace, stability and harmony after May 13, 1969 left us a long time ago.
We are lucky because we are still safe today, despite of all the attempts to bring this country to a chaos. Not that we did not know that the protest against GE13 were just excuses to operate anarchy.
And we feel sad over youth who joined those protests without even knowing the real intention of their leaders which only use them as baits. However, over the great performance shown by the country's leaders and security officials, I am grateful that I still get the chance to wish everyone 'safe' including those who joined protests, insulting leaders and security officials who has been protecting this country from any harm.
During May 13, 1969, chaos began when Chinese opposition thought they their 25 seats win, compared to Perikatan with 66 seats, as a victory for their side. This matter is almost as same as how it is today where BN won 133 and opposition 89 seats, but the opposition thought that they had won. 
If in 1969, they rallied and celebrated their 'victory', this year they 'gathered' to state their 'victory'. It is not a coincidence that how both incidents show how the opposition is represented by Chinese majority.
Clearly, the Chinese have never changed their opinions and attitudes since 1969.
It seems like May 13, 1969 will not teach them any lesson other than keep on gathering up their vengeance. Their determination to deny Malay status, as well as to take over this country has never vanished. Their hope to unite with other races, has never been in their dictionary. The only thing they know is to get the most benefit in anything they do.
Malays, including the government cannot keep on denying this fact, just to please the Chinese. Malays as well as Malay leaders cannot stay defensive each time the Chinese pushes.
Looking at the situation, it is wise for us to study for the next move, in detail.
It is vital for leaders to understand who and what he leads.
Fact is, the Chinese are selfish, over-confident and they have strong spirit and identity. Thus, they need leaders who are strict and brave. That is why Chinese Emperor, and even Lee Kwan Yew himself believe that being strict is the only way to lead the Chinese. If not, they will be used by their followers.
Hoping for the Chinese to understand and practice 'tolerance' is something impossible because they do not know any of that. They will keep on asking 'what would I get for being tolerant?'. If the answer is only peace instead of material things, it is not good enough for them.
True, not all Chinese are selfish, but they have been holding onto this attitude as united race. This is the reason why the Chinese remained as an empire for the past 2000 years - they do not fade or grow any smaller unlike other empires in the history of human civilization.
Understanding the psychology of various races in Malaysia is an important step towards making reforms in the government. The 1Malaysia concept will never be successful with the participation of Chinese. However, participation but with their 'selfish' attitude would not mean a thing.
Thus, to ensure that this country remain in peace and May 13 would not happen again just because the Chinese want to rule and destroy the structure of this country, leaders need to take the same approach taken by Lee Kwan Yew as well as Chinese Emperors. Study their ways and use the knowledge to control and lead the Chinese so that the country could move forward. It is not wrong to learn from history, even from our own enemies because history never lie, and history is the best teacher.
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